Complex equipment and management of medical equipment

Group of companies “Lysoform  Group​” organizes a purposeful  and complex equipment  of medical technique and its servicing of health care institutions, representing modern equipment of famous companies such as: Medtronic, Colenta (OEM products made by Fuji), Roche Diagnostics-Group of companies “Lysoform” organizes a purposeful and complex equipment of medical technique and its servicing of health care institutions

Combining of various technologies allows medical personnel to do the job as comfortable and effective, and highly skilled customer service to ensure its timely service and warranty.

The company also offers equipment of other globally famous manufacturers of:

  • MRI and CT, X-ray systems and devices;
  • Ultrasound diagnostic systems;
  • Emergency care, surgical equipment;
  • Equipment for pediatrics and neonatology;
  • Functional group: ECG, Holter, defibrillator;
  • Endoscopic equipment;
  • Sterilization equipment;
  • Medical furniture etc.

The effective operation of the institution provides safe and effective use of medical equipment to perform all users’ needs and safety of the patient and staff, using this technique.

«Lysoform  Group​» is the professional partner in the implementation of medical equipment management for all clinical departments.

Our goal is  to organize work so that the current practice of maintenance of medical equipment:

  • ensures the warranty on the equipment for the entire time it provides;
  • monitors suitability of equipment to fulfill all the purposes for which it is intended;
  • assesses the compatibility with current clinical practice;
  • takes into account the needs of users and a trained user can optimally realize the functional way of the equipment;
  • works with inspection performed safest and most convenient way to equip both the user and the patient.