Introduction of good and safe food in the hospital

A right catering is an important component in the life of any hospital.

Adjusted integrated system of catering solves the following problems:

  • instances of non-compliance with sanitary requirements for preparation, storage and delivery of goods;
  • lack of qualified personnel;
  • use of outdated manufacturing equipment for catering;
  • failure to observe proper decontamination facilities.

«Lysoform Group» offers a system of comprehensive catering services in health care institutions:

  • qualified consultation in development and design of dining facilities in hospitals.
  • organization of patients and staff dining.
  • development and implementation of appropriate types of dietary menu based on individual characteristics and needs of each patient;
  • organization of cafe, snack bars, handouts in the health facility;
  • organizing VIP – events: banquets, seminars and conferences services of different scale.

How do we do it?

  • prepared products come to a special gastrovolume  being transported in isothermal containers.
  • it is delivered by specialized transport, where  required temperature +2 – 6° C is maintained.
  • after delivery, the serving temperature of each course is supported by a special hardware. Soups are stored in a thermos with  the temperature of 65-75 degrees. Main dishes serving temperature of 70 degrees is maintained in a special oven for food heating.
  • appetizers and salads are  sliced ​​according to the rules of technology and dressed just before serving. We provide a free choice of salad dressings.
  • products are reheated in specialized cabinets to the desired serving temperature, depending on the specific course.
  • individual portioning  is convenient for the patient.
  • distributors carriy ready meals to the wards for each patient individually, so the food always is  hot and on time.
  • after the meal staff collects and washes dishes and cleaning kitchen areas.
  • staff takes a rigorous certification.

Features of our service:

  • systematic approach to food organization;
  • use of modern equipment with the possibility of monitoring (control) of cooking;
  • Improved processes and minimizing of the impact of human factors;
  • the highest level of food security that is  guaranteed by quality of control and compliance with HACCP;
    training and staff development;
  • all processes of preparation, storage and delivery meet the standards of  modern hygiene requirements.

The unique control system:

  • dishes are delivered directly from the culinary department. We carry out quality of control of incoming raw materials and cooking; provide clean equipment based on a quality of management system ISO 9001:2000, commonly adopted by the European Community.
  • this system is introduced in Ukraine and its full application is possible in the production of high-tech level.
  • quality management system ISO 9001:2000 includes rules relating to these aspects of food production: staff, premises and equipment, documentation, manufacturing processes dishes, QC.
  • each delivery of our products we accompany with proper permits and certificates of quality.