Organization of effective hospital linen washing

The risk of transfer of infectious agents via contaminated laundry is very significant. Contaminated linen and clothing contain high concentrations of pathogens that get there from various body fluids of  a person.

«Lysoform Group» has years of experience in the practice of washing clothes of medical institutions of different types with regard to modern hygiene.

Lack of hygienic standard of laundry in the hospital leads to:

  • high-risk of patients and staff through non-compliance with treatment whiteness;
  • damage due to improper selection of clothes aggressive means of washing;
  • significant economic costs due to the lack of precision dispensing equipment washing;
  • excessive use of water and electricity due to outdated equipment and technology washing;
  • allergic reactions to laundry personnel through the use of detergents of poor quality and personnel contact with detergents.

Based on our knowledge and experience of existing systems, «Lysoform Group» has adequate resources for the organization of hospital laundry “turnkey basis “.

We offer our customers solutions with a full range of services: design, manufacturing, supply, installation, warranty and post-warranty service of professional equipment.

The company uses the latest technology with modern small phosphate  liquids and  dispensing equipment and systems manufactured by Diversey, which allow to develop the technology of washing, considering  the material and type of contamination and to achieve the best result  in quality of washing.

Developed technology of washing ensures:

  • the purity and stability through precise dosing of detergents by microprocessor-based systems;
  • qualitative remove of difficult contaminants through the optimal combination of opportunity;
  • safety in use due to absence of direct contact with workers washing chemicals;
  • increase of the lifetime of washing machines and clothes for their high quality technology;
  • high efficiency washing through the use of concentrated products;
  • environmentally friendliness due to the absence of phosphates in the funds.

Executed combination of processes of inactivation of pathogens, removing pollution provides a hygienically clean linen and clothes and significantly reduces  the risk of infection of institution staff and patients.

«Lysoform Group» offers its customers a wide range of services:

  • laundry: providing hospital with ready clean underwear sets;
  • cleaning services
  • supply of clothing: design, sewing
  • clothing and bedding in leasing
  • maintenance and inspection.

To maximize efficiency and optimize washing «Lysoform Group» conducts trainings in the following programs:

  • work with professional equipment
  • work with dosing equipment
  • safety engineering
  • basic rules and standards of work
  • basic hygiene rules of work in the laundry.

If necessary, additional trainings for purification of water, care of clothing, face spots for their effective removal and others can be organized.