Organization of high-quality medical assistance

The strategy of the WHO and EU determined that health care should be designed to meet the reasonable needs and expectations of medical care, improve population health, to ensure equal and fair access of all citizens to health services of appropriate quality.

Obtaining of quality medical services in hospitals in Ukraine is complicated by cumbersome system and the lack of rational control.

But many Ukrainians and foreigners living in Ukraine are ready to pay for a health care organization of a new level.

«Lysoform Group» acts as a service partner and agent between the patient and the medical institution in organization of provision of quality care in the hospital.

Our service allows the patient to obtain the necessary highly skilled medical care in a comfortable environment promptly, use all existing types of diagnosis and treatment using advanced medical technology in health care facilities of all types of ownership.

We propose a wide range of services:

  1. Organization of new conditions for patients in the clinic
  • chamber with improved housing, and medical conditions
  • diabetic diet and providing of adequate food during hospitalization
  • daily linen, newspapers delivery, Individual hour care by qualified staff etc.
  1. Our representative’s support for operative treatment process of receiving services, laboratory tests, diagnostic studies.
  1. Organization of medical support at a reasonable price for an effective outpatient and inpatient treatment
  1. Organization of additional methods of diagnostic studies required for modern treatment in Ukraine and abroad.
  1. Providing of consultative assistance at the request of physicians and patient’s request
  1. Preparation for surgery and providing of other specialized care
  1. Organization of foreign doctors’ arrival for medical and surgical procedures for the patient in the hospital

Implementing of this type of service has a positive impact on the image of the hospital and therefore is economically feasible in terms of profitability of clinics and human health.