Service of engineering and technical systems of a hospital

Hospitals are equipped with modern diagnostic medical, engineering  and technical equipment.

Engineering systems include central heating, drainage, hot and cold water, fire protection, ventilation and garbage chute.

Buildings of modern clinics are equipped with powerful electricity grids, telephone lines, radio and television facilities, Internet, alarm system, modern lifts. Direct supervision of engineering and technical equipment of hospital requires skilled professionals, service equipment and the availability of spare parts.

«Lysoform Group» proposes its clients next services:

  • services  on consulting for the effective organization of engineering and technical department of hospital
  • servicing and maintenance
  • maintenance of medical equipment
  • maintenance of mechanical and energy systems: ventilation, air conditioning, heating, water supply, illumination, fire, alarms, elevators
  • scheduled preventive  maintenance
  • emergency service
  • redevelopment of engineering systems
  • vehicle fleet management
  • organization of safe working conditions of exploitation
  • material and technical supply of equipment,  installation and putting into operation
    instructing and staff training

Engineering and technical department of  «Lysoform Group»  develops and implements a  complex of  energy-saving measures that allow to shalt conceive reduce of  overall consumption of energy by preventing unnecessary consumption of electricity, water, gas, etc.

The company’s service department also provides a full range of services and
any level of complexity and in any field of use: health care institutions, institutional&laundry, food&beverage.


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