«Hospital Management» – effective management of hospitals

Today, hospitals are increasingly turning to companies to be profitable, but not contrary to the ethical requirement to serve patients and take care of their health.

Whenever you go, hospital, regardless of its size, is a shelter for a man in need, he/she expects help. So every healthcare professional should do all his/her best to support this image.

Thus, the need for high-performance control hospitals and other healthcare facilities are quite important. World experience shows that a well-organized management system allows to optimize hospital costs and establish good governance of the institution.

Since all hospitals are using various buildings, assets and services to carry out their activities, it is important to ensure a clear coordination of the use of these items by using modern technology of management.

Professional management structure of the institution plays a crucial role in increasing of the quality of administrative work in hospitals, improving the working conditions of medical personnel.

Leaders of a clinic at all levels have a huge responsibility for quality control, service, maintenance and serviceability of all equipment of medical facility.

Organization of the proper functioning of all services takes time and requires an appropriate level of training and experience.

One of the strategic decisions of a  clinic is to do this work yourself by using a large number of employees and internal resources of all these effects. Another way is to shift this responsibility to the people “from outside”, provided that these people (organization) – is an experienced and reliable company.

As experience shows, the principle of “everything from one hand” may be the best solution.

«Lysoform Group» is one of the leading companies of international scope in the healthcare industry.

Having  subordinate units for highly specialized staff of experts group of companies «Lysoform Group» has implemented projects in more than 20 countries of the world.

We offer a comprehensive service management of the infrastructure of healthcare facilities, from consulting, planning, providing our services to general management. Our comprehensive proposal ensures optimal economic management of the facility, including all technical, economic and infrastructural aspects of the administration building with all the equipment in operation and maintenance of medical equipment, waste and energy management, as well as cleaning buildings and areas of public service and technical management.

«Lysoform Group» has an individual approach, based on a study of the requirements and wishes of the client. A special team of professionals is organized to deal with your order in the most optimal way.


Activity of  «Lysoform Group» is concentrated on the following facilities:

  • Medical Institutions
  • Health centers
  • Balneal and wellness centers
  • Spa centers and nursing homes
  • Laboratories and research institutions
  • Objects of community facilities

«Lysoform Group» offers a wide range of services covering almost all areas of health care, including:

  • Project development and consulting services;
  • Design, engineering and logistics contracts;
  • Management (including infrastructure management, general management) and logistics of hospitals.